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Travel Tips.


Welcome to the travel tips page.  Here you will find useful tips, thoughts into travel philosophy and anything related to travel in general.  This section on the website also allows you to share your travel tips.  If you have any tips, please share them through our Facebook page, via Twitter and even photos on Instagram.

July 15, 2016

"Just in the ute about to chuck a U-ey to head back to Maccas but have Acca Dacca on so can't hear ya"

Did you understand any of the above sentence?  If not, it looks like your Aussie slang needs a bit of a tune up.  When you visit the land down under, you will in deed...

June 28, 2016

So you are planning on bypassing a travel agent and decided to organise a trip of a life time yourself.  After working as a travel agent, I picked up some tips along the way which can add value to your trip.  Here is how to do it.  An agent’s main job is to organise al...

June 8, 2016

So those Itchy Feet have taken control and you are about to head on your adventure.  Now you need a backpack to carry all those belongings.  Well read on to find out more helpful tips on how to find the perfect backpack.

Size does matter

If you buy the largest backp...

April 28, 2016


From time to time, I like to check out other travel blogs to be inspired to continue with my own and to get a few ideas of where to travel to next.  Here are a few of some up and coming travel blogs and some which have been around for a few years now. 



World of...

April 17, 2016

Summer is approaching and spring is in the air!  The squirrels are beginning to show and the bears have come out of their hibernation.  You have decided to text a  special person and need ideas to impress them?  There are plenty of great date places in and around Vanco...

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