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Cocktail Adventures

February 2, 2016

Prepare yourself for a whirl wind adventure as Itchy Feet Escapades gives you the top places to try authentic cocktails.  You know them by name but do you know where they originated from?  This list will give the destinations of where you can try an original cocktail.  Have you managed to tick them all off?

Photo Credit: https://theholbornmag.com/2015/01/30/the-holborn-drinks-the-elephant-gin-french-75/


French 75, Bellini, Bloody Mary and the Sidecar

They were all invented in Paris at Harry’s New York Bar.  The Bellini was named after Giovani Bellini, a Venetian Renaissance painter.  The Sidecar is in honour of a gentleman who rode in a chauffeur driven motorcycle side car to Harry’s bar and the Bloody Mary was invented in 1930 by Fernand Petoir.


Old Fashioned

This cocktail will take you to the south of the US, the town of Louisville, Kentucky to be precise.  A bartender at the Pen Dennis Club had created it for a local bourbon distiller – Colonel James E Pepper.


Mint Julep

You won’t have to travel far after trying the Old Fashioned.  In fact, the Mint Julep is also made in Kentucky.  This cocktail has taken on an identity of its own and is now the official signature drink of the Kentucky Derby.  To get the full experience, head to the derby on the first Saturday in May.



As the name suggests, it’s time to head to the island of Manhattan in New York.  Not only does it take the name from the suburb but also the club where it was developed – The Manhattan Club.  It was created in honour of Winston Churchill’s mother, Lady Randolph Churchill.


Photo Credit: http://www.allcocktails.net/the-manhattan-cocktail/


Pack your hat and sunnies and book a ticket to the West Coast of North America.  This drink has an origin of somewhere between California and Mexico.  It is hard to pinpoint the exact destination so have fun trying to track it down.  The credit of making it famous can be given to Margaret James.  It is reported she served a drink whilst partying in Acapulco which contained tequila, Cointreau and lime juice.



We are off on an island adventure to track down the original Daiquiri.  Book a ticket to Cuba and a bus to the Daiquiri Mountains.  Legend has it an American engineer made the drink for his guests after running out of gin.  The frozen version was invented in Havana at the El Floridita bar.


Singapore Sling

This cocktail hails from the Island State of Singapore and was created at the Raffles Hotel in 1915.  The original bar still stands.  Enjoy your Singapore Sling as you munch on monkey nuts provided free of charge.  As it is custom, be sure to throw your unwanted shells on the floor.  It adds to the character of the bar.



Ramos Gin Fizz

Back to the South of the US to chase this gin based cocktail down.  For this one, you want to head to New Orleans and find the Imperial Cabinet Saloon.  The drink was made famous by the Ramos brothers and it was to be the signature libation at the bar.



You may have guessed from the name, but the Negroni was invented in Florence, Italy.  The Florentine Count Camillo Negroni had asked his bartender to make his favourite American cocktail a little stronger and as a result, the Negroni was born.  Find the Caffè Cavalli for the birthplace.



No one knows the right story of where the Martini originated from.  The most believable is the English created it in the 1800’s.  The Martini name draws inspiration from the Martini–Henry rifle, a popular weapon of the British Army at the time.


Photo Credit: http://www.chickadvisor.com/article/long-weekend-cocktail-round-up-caesar/


The Caesar

Have you heard of this one before?  I'm guessing you have if you travelled to Canada.  If not head to the province of Alberta.  The original Caesar Cocktail was invented in Calgary to celebrate the opening of a new Italian restaurant


Let us know when you try all the cocktails.  Be sure to let your friends know too and tag Itchy Feet Escapades on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Safe Travels!








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