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February 16, 2019

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Guide to Antelope Canyon

October 28, 2016


Mother Nature can create some mesmerising landscapes and one such place is Antelope Canyon.  Located about a 15 minute drive from the town of Page, Arizona, it is hidden under the desert landscape in which you would surely drive past if you weren’t looking for it.  The canyon sits in part of the Navajo Nation.  There is an $8 per person fee to enter Navajo Land, sometimes this fee is included in the tour price.  That’s right; you will need a tour to visit the canyon.  There are two parts to Antelope Canyon – Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. 


The difference between the two canyons is the Upper Antelope Canyon is above ground and has beams of sun peering through the opening.  The Lower Antelope Canyon is equally impressive but is found below the surface.  It still has sun beams streaking through, but not to the extent of the Upper.  The light in the Lower Canyon can bring with it more blue tones.  The Canyons can only hold a certain number of visitors at a time and it is therefore encouraged to book in advance to guarantee a spot.  If you do decide to chance it, there is another way.  Keep reading on to find out how.


Lower Antelope Canyon

Ken’s Tours is $20 per person.  Tours leave every 20 minutes and last about an hour and a half.  Stay next to your guide to get the most information as your group can be separated through the narrow pathway. 


Dixie Ellis’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.  This tour also is $20 per person and leave every 20 minutes as well.  Both companies also offer photography tours which are $42 per person.


Upper Antelope Canyon

To visit the Upper Antelope Canyon you will need to book in advance as last minute reservations are hard to come by, especially in the high season (March-October).  The tours last about an hour and a half but include 30 minutes of driving.  The Upper Canyon proves to be more popular due to the sun beams which enter the top of the Canyon.  The best time to see the sun beams is between 10am and 3pm.  Peter Lik is a famed photographer who in 2014 sold a photo from Antelope Canyon for $6.5 million.



 A few Antelope Tour companies include:

Roger Ekis Antelope Canyon Tours from $40


Antelope Slot Canyon Tours from $48


Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours from $58


As with pretty much anything in the US service Industry, tipping is appreciated.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Antelope Canyon.  I am available through Facebook, Instagram or the Itchy Feet Escapades Contact page!


Safe Travels!

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