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February 16, 2019

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Best Beach destinations in Australia

January 21, 2016

The sheer beauty of Australia has millions of people flocking to its shores each year.  It is pretty much guaranteed at some time they will visit a beach or two on their visit.  But which one to choose is the hard question.  I suppose it depends on where you are at the time.  Here are the 5 best beaches to visit in Australia.


Whitehaven Beach

Located in the beautiful Whitsundays Islands, Whitehaven Beach has been made famous in multiple advertising campaigns throughout the years.  The squeaky, soft sand will slip through your toes as you stroll along the 7km beach.  To visit, you will need to take a short boat trip to the far side of Whitsunday Island.  If you are feeling posh, you can jump in a helicopter or take a seaplane.  There is no accommodation at the beach, only a few campsites.  These you will need to book a permit for.



It’s time to head to the Southern part of Australia.  20 minutes outside of the town of Esperance is Cape Le Grand National Park, home to numerous beaches.  The crystal clear water laps on sun lit sand.  The beaches also attract the local marsupials.  Kangaroos often hop down to the beach to laze about.  One of the most beautiful beaches located in the National Park is Lucky Bay.  The campsite here is a step above basic camping – It has a solar hot water shower.

 Photo credit: http://www.visitesperance.com/pages/national-parks/


Wine Glass Bay

For this you need to head to an island which is sometimes forgotten when talking about Australia - Tasmania.  The apple isle does get some flak from the mainlanders, but you can’t dispute the beautiful landscape.  One of the destinations which do it justice is Wine Glass Bay.  It is located in Freycinet National Park, 125 km’s North of Hobart.  Climb Mount Amos for an aerial view of the beach.  You can camp or stay in fancy eco resorts.  It is a good idea to book in advance as the accommodation is limited and it can get quite busy during summer and autumn.

Photo credit: http://www.visitesperance.com/pages/national-parks/



For this beach you will have to fly to the remote North Western town of Broome.  With four flights daily from Perth, the two and half hour flight will be non-stop to paradise.  This is one of the only places in the world where you pay for a camel ride along the beach.  The trip is taken at sunset with the light, beach and sea producing an excellent backdrop for stunning photos.  During the weekends, you can visit the local ‘Courthouse Markets’

Photo credit: http://www.kimberleys.com.au



This beach city is renowned around the world as the face of Sydney.  It hosted the 2000 Olympics Beach volleyball and is home to surf lifesaving.  There is a skate bowl at the southern end which regularly holds skate competitions.  Tourists flock to the beach like seagulls and swim in the surf.  Only swim where you are comfortable at watch for rips.  Talk to the surf lifesavers on hand  and you may even get yourself on TV when they are filming ‘Bondi Rescue’   There is a tradition of staying up late on New Year’s Eve and to watch the first sunrise of the Year.

Where is your favourite beach destination in Australia?  Let us know by contacting me or leaving a comment on our social media pages – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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