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February 16, 2019

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November 18, 2018

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Wicked Campers Review

September 12, 2016


For our 11 day road trip, we decided to rent a 2 seater Wicked Camper.

Bear in mind this is one of the cheaper options and one which was in our budget.  The 11 day rental including double the km allowance, full comprehensive Insurance and taxes cost $1650.  On top of this fuel for our 2500 km trip cost $450.


Pickup Location: 1275 W 75th st Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Date of Rental: September, 2016.

Price Range: CAD$89-$109 per day plus insurance and extras



  • The price is cheapest for Campervan/RV rental

  • It is easy to set up the table or change the layout to a bed

  • Comes with everything you need on your trip



  • There was not enough gas in our canister for cooking to last the trip.The canisters can be bought for $10

  • You have to return the vehicle cleaned and vacuumed, otherwise you can be left with a $250 cleaning fee

  • The bed setup is designed for a person less than 6 foot tall


Final Thoughts

It was our first time living out of a van and after a day or two, we managed to have our systems in place and knew what we needed to do once we arrived or left a campsite.  The vehicles are all uniquely designed with their paint jobs – this will attract a lot of photos and comments from passer-by’s, even people asking you to stop for photos.  The paintwork was not the only unique characteristic.  The central locking only worked occasionally, the rear window need to be unlocked twice to open and the bonnet needed to be whacked hard with your fist to open up.  Be sure to work out the distance you are planning to travel before you go.  You are limited to only 160km per day, but can pre-purchase extra kilometres at a cheaper price.  The pick-up and drop off procedure was quick and easy.  A few checks here and there and the van was ours to drive away.  First stop was a gas station as the van can come back with an empty tank.


I would hire through Wicked Campers again but you will have to decide if vanning is for you.  It is a step up if you don’t like camping and a cheaper option of hiring a car and staying in hostels/hotels.  The best part was we drove without a fixed plan.  This means we only needed to turn up to a camp ground to see if they had space.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on our Facebook page.  Why not sign up to the Itchy Feet membership and be the first to know all the insider tips and tricks.


Safe Travels!


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