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February 16, 2019

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How to choose a Backpack

June 8, 2016

So those Itchy Feet have taken control and you are about to head on your adventure.  Now you need a backpack to carry all those belongings.  Well read on to find out more helpful tips on how to find the perfect backpack.


Size does matter

If you buy the largest backpack, you will probably pack it to the brim.  Remember you will be carrying this on your back and sometimes for over an hour at a time.  Do you want to be lugging around all the extra clothes you may have needed?


A good size for the average female is 55-65 L

A good size for the average male is 65-75L.



Waterproof Jacket

You can’t control the weather, but you can control whether or not your backpack comes with a built in rain coat.  It also provides extra security when you have to walk through busy areas or catch a train/bus, hiding all those zips and pockets.  You do have the possibility of ordering a separate cover, but you may as well have one built in.



Every gram counts when you are travelling.  You want to look at backpacks which weigh up to 1.5 kgs.  Ideally, if you can get one closer to 1 kg or 1.2 kg you are onto a winner.  You will be carrying all of your belongings on your back, so the lighter the better!



Chest strap, waist strap and adjustable back straps are all needed to provide proper support.  You will be carrying up to 30 kg’s on your back so you will want it to work with you not against you.  To get extra comfort, buy a backpack which has padded back straps.  Look for a backpack which allows you to keep the weight as close as it can to your body.  This is usually side straps which start at the front and pulls the bag closer to the straps.



Look for a backpack which enables you to lock the openings.  Bags with zips offer the best security.  Buy yourself some pad locks before you get to the airport to save yourself a few bucks.  Customs do sometimes break the locks to have a look at any suspicious items, so it is always good to have a spare lock available.  Stay away from the drawstring backpacks.



Cheap things are cheap for a reason.  The quality usually sucks.  It may last you a couple of weeks, but you will probably want something to last you a little longer.  The two main things to look for are the material the backpack is made of and the quality of zips.   



Surely colour has nothing to do with choosing a good back pack.  Well believe me when I say it does.  You want to buy a backpack which you can notice when it is going around the conveyor belt at the luggage pick up area.  And hey, you want to be a fashionable traveller at the same time too.  You have to look good for all those Instagram pics!



Leave a photo on our Facebook page of your beloved backpack.  If you have any questions, get in touch via Instagram, Twitter or through our contact page.


Safe Travels!



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