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February 16, 2019

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7 travel blogs worth visiting

April 28, 2016


From time to time, I like to check out other travel blogs to be inspired to continue with my own and to get a few ideas of where to travel to next.  Here are a few of some up and coming travel blogs and some which have been around for a few years now. 



World of wanderlust

Brooke hails from my home country of Australia and she has done pretty well for herself over the last couple of years.  She is only 24 and has seen more of the world than most people see in their lifetime all whilst managing her very own World of Wanderlust.  Brooke started travelling as a solo traveller and is forever uploading on Instagram.



Howie’s Travel Blog

This blog is for all my German friends.  Howie is currently travelling the USA as I write this and is staying in the back of his Van.  We met in Toronto in 2015 before Howie drove across all of Canada.  It’s a great place to get ideas for places to see and do in North America.



Wanderlost and Found

Jen is a Canadian who manages her time in Saskatchewan with travelling the world.  Jen writes great stories and takes some pretty good photos too.  Follow Jen on her adventures through Australia, Thailand, Iceland, Haiti and a few other countries.   



The Travelettes

Are you a female traveller between the age of 18 and 40?  Well this is the site for you.  And don’t worry if you don’t fit into the category, it is not strictly for females.  Search the site and pick up some new destinations to check out.  The blog has been around since 2009 and has contributors from all around the world.



Nomadic Matt

Matt focuses on tips of how to travel on a budget.  He has been blogging for the last 7 years and is one of the most highly visited travel blogs on the internet.  From the extensive number of blogs, you will be able to find something to help you out on your way!



The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten gave up a corporate job and decided to travel and write about her adventures.  She has now made this her full time job.  There is a big influence on Social Media these days and The Blonde Abroad has a large share of the market.  You can follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, to name a few.



The Expert Vagabond

A self-confessed travel addict, Matthew travels the world looking for adventure and new places to photograph.  If you want to get off the beaten track, this will be a good place to start and get some ideas from.  Expect to do things which give you a thrill and put you out of your comfort zone.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on our Facebook page. 


Safe Travels!




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