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Vancouver date ideas for 2016

April 17, 2016

Summer is approaching and spring is in the air!  The squirrels are beginning to show and the bears have come out of their hibernation.  You have decided to text a  special person and need ideas to impress them?  There are plenty of great date places in and around Vancouver.


Mink’s Fondue

What a great way to get to know someone by sticking things in chocolate!  This Vancouver date will have you order the chocolate fondue at Mink Chocolates.  For the health nuts you can choose fresh fruit.  For all you sweet tooth’s out there, the Smore’s option might be better.  But if you can’t decide, add a side of fruit and everybody is a winner!  The cost is $12.



Coldplay once sang ‘Look at the stars, see how they shine for you’.  The planetarium has shows throughout the week.  But the highlight is on Saturday night.  The Observatory opens up to the public between 8pm and 12am, making it a perfect Vancouver date location.  This will set you back for $13/person.


Ride around Stanley Park

Get out there and get some fresh air!  Hire 2 bikes or test your skills on a tandem bike, Stanley Park offers easy riding with stunning views.  There are plenty of spots to stop and get your selfies.  There are a few bike rental stores on Denman Street.  I have used Spokes which start from $25 for 2 hours, 2 people.


Dinner at the Observatory restaurant at Grouse Mountain

If you want to impress, why not head up to the Observatory Restaurant at the top of Grouse Mountain.  This is the highest restaurant in Vancouver and offers a romantic setting for dinner another person.  Catch the Gondola to the top (included free in your reservation) for sunset to get some breathtaking views!


Eat in the Dark at Dark Table

Keeping with the eating theme, why not check out Dark Table.  Perfect for a blind date, you will be guided to your table in the dark room where you use your touch, taste hearing and smell senses to eat your meal.  It’s a concept which was first developed by a Swiss man, who blindfolded his patrons to show them what it was like for blind people to eat.  Meals start at $33 for 2 courses per person.


Watch the sunset from English Bay

Vancouver is perfectly placed for some amazing sunsets.  Grab a bite to eat or drink in the numerous bars and restaurants around English Bay and watch as the sun is eaten up by Vancouver Island.  The anchored boats make an ideal silhouette for sunset photos!


Deep Cove

Have you ever followed the inlet into the mountains?  Well, if you want to escape the high rises and busy street, make your way out to Deep Cove.  Hike the Quarry trail to reach a magnificent lookout over Deep Cove Bay with the buildings of Vancouver off in the distance.  Take Bus 211 direct to Deep Cove.


Score on Davie – Share a ‘Checkmate’ caeser

If Caeser’s are your thing or even if they are not, Score on Davie as taken this classic Canadian cocktail and pumped it full of steroids.  You have the normal cocktail mixture, but no longer do you get only the spicy bean, work your way through a burger, roasted chicken, pulled pork slider, onion wings, chicken wings, a pulled pork mac & cheese hotdog and a brownie to top it off.  There are a few different Caeser options available too!



Learn to sword fight - Academie Duello

It’s time to settle the score, who will be classed as a champion swordsman, who will win the battle with the bow and arrow and who will defend themselves the best with an umbrella.  You read correctly, Academie Duello offer a course for Umbrella self-defence. 


Touch a stingray at the Vancouver Aquarium

This is the latest attraction for Vancouver Aquarium, a new 50,000L tank which is home to numerous stingrays.  Get up close to animals of the sea and reach out to touch the rays.   Tickets to the Aquarium are $31 for adults and it is open 10am – 5pm daily.



Tour and Taste at Granville Island Brewery

What’s a better way to get to know someone than blowing the froth of a couple of bevies?  Learn where beer comes from and the difference between Ale and a lager at the Granville Island Brewery.  Free samples are given out as well.  Unfortunately, it’s not all you can drink.


Comedy Night at Vancouver Theatre Sports

After your beer tasting at the Brewery, head to the ‘Improv centre’, also located on Granville Island.  There are a selection of shows available, so check out the website for the latest offerings.  Shows start at $28 per person.


Get back to school, cooking school

The Dirty Apron Cooking School has a reputation of plating up some delicious food, food which is cooked by your own self.  If you haven’t been to a cooking school before, try this one out.  Work together to plate up a meal and surprise your partner (and yourself) of your culinary delights.   


Go to the movies... outside

Every year at second beach, the grassy plains are transformed into the Fresh Air cinema.  Catch a few of the latest releases and divulge into an old time classic.  Either way, take a blanket, bean bag and another person for a night of film under the sky!



Move those hips and learn to Salsa!

It’s time to bring out your inner Kevin Bacon and do some dancing!  Salsa Vancouver offer lessons to hone in your dancing skills.  If you can’t commit to the full classes, check out the drop in events.  They usually have an intro to Salsa at the beginning of each.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable doing it in front of people, everyone will be watching the good dancers!


Pick up an inspiration pass

Get to see the attractions for free.  That’s right, you read it properly.  There is a way to see some of the attractions in Vancouver for free!  All you need to do is to become a member of the Public Library and ‘borrow’ the Inspiration Pass for up to two weeks at a time.  Two weeks of Vancouver Date idea’s.


Have you any other hot date ideas in Vancouver?  We would love to hear about them on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram!  Hashtag #Itchyfeetescapades to get a like!


Safe Travels!










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