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February 16, 2019

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February 19, 2019

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Whitehorse snowmobiling

March 2, 2016

It was time for some fun and adventure.  So much so, we decided to tackle the snow by a snowmobile.  With plenty of companies to choose from, we settled on Arctic Range Adventures.  There are two options to choose from, the full day and the half day.  We decided the half day at 1pm was a good choice as it let us sleep in from the previous night we spent chasing the Northern Lights.  This is how our trip went.


The day started out with a courtesy hotel pick up.  We were driven 5 minutes out of town before turning left on to a snow covered road for 16 km’s.  Past the frozen creeks and snow lined trees, we ended at the Sky Ranch.  It was straight off the bus and into the welcoming hut to sign our liability forms.  It was also our chance to dress up warm in the complimentary boots and down jackets.  I’m glad we did as I was already feeling the cold.  After we were all kitted and were looking like the Michelin man, we headed outside to listen to our guide give the safety instructions on what would be our transport for the next few hours.



After a little tuition and practice run it was our turn to tame the mighty beast and plough our way across the snow.  We headed out to the edges of the beautiful Fish Lake.  This is where you can open up the machine.  The lake is quite large and is surrounded by mountains.  The sky was blue and the clouds streaked across, perfect photo weather.  We travelled for about 20 minutes before we stopped as our guide pointed out fresh Lynx tracks.  The Lynx is a medium cat which stands about half a metre tall.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any on our trip, but keep your eyes open.



A few more minutes on the track and it was time to take a left across the frozen water.  You may feel a bit anxious of driving over a lake, but not to worry, the ice can be a metre thick.  The snow mobile needs only 5 inches off ice.  The first half of the lake was completely covered by snow which covered the ice.  Halfway across the lake we came to a clear patch.  Our guide stopped us and showed the dark ice.  It was funny to think that in 5 months’ time, the snow and ice would have melted away and we would be out there on a boat instead of a snow mobile. 



Now it was time to drive down the other side of the lake and venture through the trees.  Luckily there are custom built paths which enable you to do this without dodging pines.  It was then we started to climb up one of the mountains.  The power of the snow mobile came in handy as we climbed the ravine.  After 20 minutes we arrived at our vantage point, a look out over the valley and the town of Whitehorse.


Back on the machine and time to head back down the mountain.  On the way down, we pulled over to the side of the path and munched on chocolate chip cookies accompanied with hot chocolate.  A tasty little treat indeed.  This marked our last stop on the trail.  As we meandered our way back to the ranch, a group of dog sledders were up in front.  This got me excited for tomorrow’s adventure as we had a full day dog sledding tour booked.  When we arrived to the ranch, our machines were packed away, our clothing and helmets returned and we boarded the bus for the trip back to down town.  I found the half day option was all we needed to get a taste of winter life.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or get in touch via our social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.


Safe Travels.


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