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February 16, 2019

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February 19, 2019

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2015 review in Travel

January 2, 2016

2015 is done and dusted so it is time to look back on the year of Travel.  Let’s look at it in numbers.


6 countries, 17 cities, 8 flights, 1 hospital visit, 13 long bus trips, 1000’s of km’s walked, 1 camel ride and 4 car rentals.


I have stayed in hotels, backpacker hostels, tried to sleep on an overnight bus, been to the top of 6 towers and buildings in search of beautiful views and have ventured below street level in Seattle.  I thought it would be best to showcase my favourite pictures to share with you once again.




Abu Dhabi was my first time in the Middle East.  Whenever I had flown with Etihad Airways previously, I hadn't included Abu Dhabi as a stopover.  It is a great stop over for a few days.  You can experience a taste of living in a city surrounded by desert.  Search for the Abu Dhabi story on our website.





My favourite destination of 2015 has to be Iceland.  I have always dreamt of going to this majestic land and was not dissapointed.  The only thing I could say was I wanted to spend more time there and explore the whole country.  The photo is of the Glacial Lagoon on the Southern Coast, a 4 hour drive from Reykjavik.  Our little rental car nearly got blown off the road as we drove along.


I am not sure what it is about waterfalls that attract people to make their way to see them, but as we touched down in North America, Niagara Falls was definitely on the list.  Check out the story in our Destination Guides.




The city of Toronto had never been on my top cities to travel to, but I would reccomend it.  Summer is the time of year Toronto comes alive.  People are happy to be out in the streets attending one of many festivals held each weekend.





You learn something new everyday and for me it was finding out maple syrup came from Maple trees.  After growing up in Australia and having only flavoured syrup,   It is the sap condensed down to the table loving syrup Canadians put on basically anything.




Quebec City is a great city to visit.  Situated on the St Lawrence River, the Fairmont hotel (most photographed hotel in the world) is perched on the cliffs looking over the surroundings.  It is a city built on historic battles but has a friendly charm which attracts people today.  Check out the guide today!






Most of my information on New York comes from movies and TV shows.  It is so big you will need to visit a few times before you get close to seeing all New York has to offer.  We decided to get the New York Pass which gave free entry to all the main attractions and a few surprising ones.  Have a look at the New York destination guide to see some of the highlights.






Washington is a friendly capital with plenty of opportunities for photos at famous American statues. You will need a few days to explore all of what  Washington has to offer and a little longer to visit the surrounding towns.  The best thing about DC is the museums are free!  




A few of my favourite bands have emerged from the Seattle music scene so there must be something in the water that makes it a happening city.  This was one of those cities you get a good vibe from.  A highlight was definitely the underground city tour.




The last place on my list and where I currently reside is Vancouver.  Consistently voted in the top 3 places to live in the world, the natural beauty which surrounds the city attracts visitors year round.  I still have plenty more to explore here and will be posting a Vancouver city guide soon.  Join the Itchy Feet Escapades membership to get the latest information first.







Where was your favourite places to visit in 2015?  Let me know via Facebook, Twitter or tag us on Instagram @IFescapades.






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