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February 16, 2019

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21 tips to get the best out of travelling

December 8, 2015

People often ask me; where is the best place you have been?  To be honest, I can’t name one destination as the place you must discover.  I do have my most memorable travel memories which offer some great experiences I have had.  I think it comes down to getting the most out of any destination.  Below are 21 hot tips to get the best out of your travels.



1. Always look on the bright side of life.

In any situation, you can always find a positive.  Turn those negative views into an exciting and thrilling travel story.




2. Step out of your comfort zone.

A part of travelling is experiencing something different from your normal life.  This may me doing karaoke singing in front of strangers and newly made friends.


3. Try the local food.

Every country, region and city has their own unique food.  It is a good way of tasting what the locals eat.  Try vegemite at least once in your life.

 4. Say hi to strangers.

You will be surprised how many people will say hi back.  When they discover you are visiting their home they will be intrigued.  I have many great travel memories from saying hi to strangers.


5. Go to the highest point around.

There is something about humans and wanting to climb to the highest point around.  It can either be a mountain, the top of a building or the top level of a double decker bus.


6. If you are thinking about saying no, change it to yes.

If you are travelling outside of your local area, why wouldn’t you say yes?  Your life will automatically be opened up to a world of opportunities.


7. Do at least one thing you are scared of.

If you are scared of heights, jump out of a plane.  If you are scared of the deep ocean, why not take a scuba diving course.  The feeling you will get from your acomplishments will be something to remember.


8. Take public transport.

As the saying goes ‘When in Rome, do as the romans do’.  Public transport has been designed for the people who reside in that city or town.  It often takes you the back streets to areas you would not normally get to see.

9. Be spontaneous.

You will be surprised on what you will find when you choose to be spontaneous.  I have danced the night away in a Spanish town from being spontaneous.


10. Pack light.

This will help you in many ways.  It will save your back from carrying heavy loads, it will give you plenty of space to bring back those souvenirs and it will also give you less things to worry about.


11. Spend more time at a place than you think you will need.

You can see most cities within a day.  There are some (London, New York etc.) which will require at least a few days, but planning to spend more time in each place rather than seeing most places will be beneficial.


12. Get off your phone, tablet or computer and get out there.

You travel to get away from your local surroundings and you can look at these destinations from the comfort of your own home.  So put down the electrical device and take it in with your own eyes.


13. Eat at local restaurants, not international chains.

Support the local guys.  This way you are benefiting the local community and not paying for some CEO’s penthouse apartment in New York.


 14. Attend a local sporting event.

People get passionate about their sporting team.  And getting to a local sporting event is a great way to see why they get involved.  Sport brings the community together.



15. Take silly photos.

You will not only have some interesting photos to show people, you will be genuinely smiling in each of the photos as well.


16. Stay at hostels to meet other travellers.

A hostel is like an open travel guide.  There are people there who have either done what you want to do or people who might be doing what you want to do.  Either way, you will be getting a different source of information.


17. Take photos but don’t spend all your time behind the camera.

Some days you need to stop trying to take a perfect photo and sit back, and take it all in.


18. Sit in a park.

A great place to ‘people watch’.  You will notice people doing yoga, walking their dogs, enjoying a romantic picnic or playing a game of soccer.  It is what the locals do.  Why not be spontaneous and ask to join in (maybe not the romantic couple who are obviously on a date).



19. People watch.

As mentioned previously, the park is a great place to ‘people watch’.  You can also check out a shopping mall, café or library.  I sometimes like to make up back stories for each person who walks nearby.  Obviously this is better done with someone else.


20. Go with the flow, things happen for a reason.               

Is it coincidence or are you supposed to be lost down the alleys of a city.  One thing I have gathered from my travels is to take all the mishaps the travel gods may throw at you and realise I would not be where I am today if it didn’t happen.  Well maybe in another parallel universe.


21. Sign up to the Itchy Feet Escapades free membership.

Need I say more?  IFE is a great way to get free travel tips, destination guides and to look at moving and still imagery. 

Safe Travels!






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