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Canadian food you need to try

December 1, 2015


Welcome to the land of Mounties, Moose and Mike Myers.  It is fair to say Canada hasn’t put much on the world map in the way of food or drinks, but they do have some you must try. 



It’s time to start the list of with the most iconic Canadian food there is, in fact probably the second most attached thing to do with Canada behind hockey.  It is Maple Syrup.  Canada is home to 85% of the worlds produced maple syrup and is produced from condensing the sap of Maple Trees.  This process can only happen on roughly 6 weeks of the year.



Poutine.  This is a fancy name for chips, gravy and cheese.  I should be more precise and say cheese curds, the fresher the better.  Many places have taken this and have added extras to find the supreme poutine.  You can get bacon, sour cream and maple syrup to name a few.



A lovely pastry dish invented in Ottawa is called the ‘Beaver Tail’.  The classic flavour is with sugar and cinnamon but can include toppings like banana, Nutella and whipped cream.  It is the same batter used for donuts but is squished to form the shape of a beaver’s tail.  This is then deep-fried before the toppings are added.


The next one on the list is a ‘Ceaser’ and I don’t mean of the salad variety.  This one is a classic Canadian cocktail which Canucks seem to love.  The base ingredient of this cocktail is clamato juice; a mixture of tomato juice and clam juice.  Need I say more?  It is an acquired taste but well worth a try when you visit.  It’s similar to a bloody Mary but substitute the tomato juice with clamato.  It can be a spicy drink and is usually garnished with a stick of celery.  Check out the infamous interpretation from a bar in Vancouver. The Score on Davie offers one called ‘Checkmate’.  


With half of Canada being French, you can expect some good food to come out of it.  Montreal prides itself on a special type of smoked meat called ‘Montreal style smoked meat’.


photo credit: https://nanaimobarblog.wordpress.com/about-nanaimo-bars-2/


Italy has tiramisu and Canada has the Nanaimo Bar.  This much loved dessert has migrated south of the border to and has been made a favourite for dessert lovers of the south.  The base is made from a wafer crumb base mixture before being topped with a custard and icing mix.  To top it off, chocolate is melted on top.


Canadian bacon is another claim to fame.  The difference between the bacon north of the US and elsewhere is where the meat is cut from.  Canadian bacon is cut from the loin of a pig.  If you order bacon for breakfast at a restaurant, you will most likely get streaky bacon.



Tim Hortons has the cheapest coffee around and they have a lot of shops to sell it.  You may even get the feeling they have a store on every corner.  Now I am going to give you one guess at who the stores are named after and what sport he played…..Congratulations on saying ‘Tim Hortons’ and with this being Canada, you probably guessed he played hockey.  It is also home to the famous Tim Hortons donuts and Tim’s bits.


Are there any other Canadian food and beverages the inquisitive traveller should try whilst they visit the Great White North?  If so, let us know on our Facebook page or contact me and I can add it to the list.




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