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February 16, 2019

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Must know tips for Canada

November 15, 2015

Tipping at restaurants is part of the culture.

If you come from a country where tipping is standard you will understand the concept.  Waiter’s, otherwise known as servers, have to tip out the kitchen staff no matter what.  It is usually 3.5%.  I would tip accordingly to how the service was.  If it was bad, maybe bring it up with the server or manager.  A good tip is 20%.  An average tip is 15%.


Pedestrians have right of way at intersections.

When you are walking through the streets and you come up to an intersection, the car will usually give way to the pedestrian.  On the odd occasion, the driver of the car might not give you right of way so be careful.



Walk on the right side of the sidewalk.

You will notice when you travel to different countries that each place people will be walking directly at you.  Take some time to notice most people in Canada will be walking on the right side of the sidewalk with people passing each other on their left.  An easy way to remember this is to mimic the side of the road people drive on.


Tipping at the bar.

Tip $1 - $2 per drink is fine.  If you are ordering food, follow the tipping at restaurant rule.


Who you calling a loonie?

No one is calling anyone a Loonie; it’s the nick name of the $1 coin.  And if you hear the name Toonie; well it’s the nick name of the $2 coin.  A ‘quarter’ is 25 cents, the ‘dime’ is the ten cents (think of calling a beautiful person 10 out of 10).  And 5 cents is known as a 'nickel'. 


Tax isn’t included in the advertised price.

This refers to most things.  Accommodation, food, clothes etc. will usually advertise the price not including tax.  The reason behind this is each province has their own amount of tax.  It is usually around 13-15% on top of the price.  On the odd occasion you will come across somewhere which has the tax included.


Have you any other tips for travelling around Canada?  Let us know via twitter or Facebook.






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