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February 16, 2019

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What type of Traveller are you?

November 10, 2015


One of the best things about travelling is meeting other people.  It may be people from the country you are in or it may be other traveller’s along the way.  Each one will have their own unique personality and story as to how they got to where they are today.  Have you ever wondered what type of traveller they are?  Or even better, what type of traveller you are? 



You had a travel agent or friend plan your trip.  You usually forget to pack a lot of things.  Group tours are you favourite type of holiday and a cruise ship.  All-inclusive packaged holidays are your normal way of travelling.  You have missed a flight or a bus before.  You never have the local currency when you first arrive to a new country.  You would rather bus 10 blocks than walk.  You are the Lazy Traveller.


Cities are not for you.  You like to get out of the norm.  Want to challenge yourself. You like to travel by yourself. You have no fear.  You have previously sky dived or Bungee Jumped.  You will travel by any means including Hitch hiking.  You know which country has the capital Ulaanbaatar.  You are the Intrepid Traveller.


Likes to go on a holiday to remember but spends most of the time not remembering the nights.  Your days usually start around 2 pm in the afternoon and continue until 4 am.  You stay at accommodation which is connected to a bar.  You spend most of your time in big cities and sometimes on a beach.  You are a Partying Traveller.


Your idea of travelling is to go to a place and get lost.  You enjoy the idea of using a traditional map and asking locals for the way to get places.  If you hear an accent from your home country, you will head the other way.  You want to learn the local language.  You avoid worldwide brands such as McDonalds and Starbucks.  You are an Immersing Traveller.


You want the cheapest option of doing everything.  Your diet consists of 2 minute noodles which you can make last a week.  You stay in places for longer, stretching your last $20 in your pocket.  You will miss out on expensive activities.  When you are at a bar, you order the cheapest drink available.  You are the Tight arse Traveller.


Usually found with a ‘Lazy Traveller’.  Excel spreadsheets are your best friend.  All your hotels are booked in advance along with day tours and even dinner reservations.  If it’s not on the schedule, you don’t have time to do it.  You have read up on the destinations.  You spend more of your time researching the destination than you do at the actual place.  You are an Essential Planner Traveller.


You are always looking down at your phone.  Taking ‘Selfies’ is in your nature.  Social Media updates are constant.  Wi-Fi passwords are the first thing you ask for when you check into a place.  You will carry your charger in your day pack.  You see most of the attractions through your phone or Tablet. You are a Screen Junkie Traveller.



Nothing less than 5 star accommodations.  Never will you be seen in a camp site.  Your luggage is of designer brand with matching carryon.  Your right arm is sore from flagging down taxi’s everywhere.  You spend your nights eating out.  You come back from travelling with more than you left with. You are the Champagne Traveller.



You vocalise your opinion if it is not the same as back home.  You find the closest Irish Pub to drink at.  You will usually eat out at McDonalds or Subway but the burger is always smaller than back home.  You would find First Class on a plane uncomfortable.  You are surprised you don’t get much sleep in a 12 share dorm room in a hostel.  You get angry at the locals if they cannot speak your language.  You are the Complaining Traveller.


What type of traveller did you turn out to be?  Share it on our Facebook page and remember sharing is caring, so share the blog!



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