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February 16, 2019

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February 19, 2019

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9 Travel related movies to watch

October 27, 2015

In today’s world we learn so much about another country and another culture through the form of film.  This could be via a travel show on mainstream TV, a video clip on YouTube or via a large movie screen.  Below are 9 movies which relate to travel.  Have you seen them all?


1. The Adventures of Walter Mitty

This is not just a movie with a great sound track, but a movie that shows a sense of innocence.  The story revolves around Walter Mitty, a man who decides he is not living life how he should be and pushes his boundaries to escape it.  It is an uplifting film which should inspire you stop saying ‘I can’t wait to go to….’ And getting out there and doing it.



2. Around the world in 80 days

Everyone has their reason for doing a round the world trip.  The reason in this ‘Best Picture from 1956 is a bet.  The film deals with an era where travel around the world would take months to complete.   This is an entertaining adventure for the whole family as it follows our hero to many countries utilising all types of transport.  It would be interesting to try and replicate this in today’s world.


3. Eurotrip

This film is a fun, fantasy trip focusing on stereo types of Europe and also the US.  It is more designed to the younger audience but an easy watch to anyone else.  I wouldn’t suggest to take this as to how everyone’s Europe trip will unfold, but you will be able to relate to some ideas in the movie.



4. The Beach

Follow Leonardo Di Caprio as he sets out on escaping the norm and tries to finds paradise.  As he arrives into Bangkok, he still finds himself doing the same as everyone else.  ‘I feel like everyone tries to do something different but they always wind up doing the same damn thing’.  Throughout his journey he does something off the beaten track and gets caught up in something more.



5. The gods must be crazy

With each decade, travel becomes easier and the way of life for people changes as we are introduced to new cultures.  This film takes a comedic approach on how the Western world with all their planes, cars and glass coke bottles are used so differently compared to an African tribe.  Through the canvas of comedy, you can see the underlying theme of indifference.


6. Lost in translation

This movie is about two people who feel stranded in a foreign land.   You get the feeling they both didn’t want to be there in the first place, but manage to console in each other on the same understanding.  It goes to show you that you don’t need to speak the language fluently to enjoy another culture.


7. 2001: a space oddysey

The critically acclaimed film was an outstanding film, especially for the time it was made (1968).  It was at the height of the space race and every boy and girl wanted to be an astronaut.  Nearly 50 years on and once again space travel is back on the cards with companies now offering trips to civilians (if you have enough cash to spare).  NASA is now predicting we will have someone on Mars in the 2030’s.  You may have to google the ending to see how to interpret the story.



8. Into the Wild

A film that tugs at your sense of freedom strings, then your sense of adventure before hitting it home with an emotional ending.  The movie will entice you to drop everything you are doing and imagine what it would be like to head off and follow wherever the wind will take you.


9. Any movie from Skinny Penguin Productions


Sign up to the Skinny Penguin Productions Youtube channel and find an adventure for your liking!

Have a think of some more travel movies and comment on Facebook.




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