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Visiting Seattle

October 24, 2015

Do you like coffee?  Do you like a great music scene? Have you ever used a Microsoft program? Well why not put Seattle on your list to visit and trust me when I say you will be pleased you did.  With such bands like Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Soundgarden and too many more to list, you can easily find a venue to catch some live music.  Two of the major corporations also call Seattle their home with Microsoft and Starbucks having their headquarters nearby.


The closest airport servicing Seattle is Seattle-Tacoma International airport.  There is a modern light rail which will set you back $3 to get into downtown area.  It goes every 10 minutes and takes about half an hour from the airport to Downtown.  On the way into town you will travel past a couple of stadiums.  One of which is home to the Seattle Seahawks, an American Football team who won Super bowl XLVIII back in 2013.  


For over 60 years, the Space Needle has been a constant inclusion of the Seattle skyline.  It was unveiled in 1962 for the world fair, the same time the microwave and cell phone made an appearance.  You can get some great photos from up top of the observatory deck, but stop off to get a photo at the bottom, which you can email to yourself for free.  There is a 40 second elevator ride to the top which has glass walls to look out as you rise and fall.  The observatory level has been refurbished since it originally opened and they have included free use of binoculars and a visitor virtual map.  The Space Needle isn’t the only place offering an observation deck.  Make your way to the Columbus building and head up to the 73rd floor for about $15.  


For a nice photograph of Seattle, you will need to make the urban hike up a steep mountain to a place called Kerry Park.  It is not so much of a park but more of a lookout.  At sunset it can be hard getting a good spot with all the photographers.  I would suggest arriving there an hour before hand and watch the buildings change colour as the warm sun hits the buildings.  The hill is quite steep but the rewards will definitely pay off.


I previously mentioned coffee having a birthplace in Seattle.  Well if you head to the Pike street markets, you can find the original Starbucks still in its first location.  The markets are also home to local artists and the Pike Fish company – world famous for how they interact with customers. Why not get a picnic together from the markets and catch the ferry over to Seacrest Park for $4.75.  It leaves from pier 50 about once an hour.  This gives you an opportunity to see the city from a different angle and provides plenty of seating to munch on all the goodies you bought. 


One must do whilst you are in Seattle is to book yourself on an Underground Tour.  Find out how Seattle was founded and along with all the problems of making Seattle what it is today.  It is hard to believe there is another level hidden from the public.  The tour lasts for about an hour as you navigate your way around the old street level.  The guides are knowledgeable and make it an enjoyable tour.  It is customary to tip at the end of the tour.  Feel what you think is right, but on average $5-$10 is acceptable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on our Facebook page.  Why not join the Itchy Feet membership and get all the latest hot tips.


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