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February 16, 2019

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February 19, 2019

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Why you should travel to Boston

October 16, 2015

Boston is located about four hours’ drive from New York City and is home to a lot of history that has shaped the USA we know today.  This is where the American Revolution started back in the 1700’s and has now turned itself into a modern day hub of hustle and bustle.  An expensive place to stay, but a must stop sometime in your life.



The city of Boston has developed what is known as the Freedom Trail to showcase 16 historical sites across the city.  It is quite easy to follow and I would recommend starting at the Information Centre in Boston common.  The centre sells maps for $3 each, a great way to do a self-guided tour.  Otherwise you can join a themed tour in which a costumed actor will walk you about a mile of the trail telling stories of the sites.  The trail is about 2.5 miles in length in one direction.  Allow yourself most of the day to take I all in and stop off at places along the way.


One of the places to stop off is Mikes Pastry.  You will know when you are close as you will notice everyone carry white boxes tied up with string – a telling point you are close.  At the bakery you will find a large range of Cannoli with every flavour to fulfil your tastebuds.  The Oreo one was pretty good!



Massachusetts is renowned for seafood with Boston being the home to the Lobster Roll.  The roll can range from $15-$25 depending on where you get it from and there are plenty of options to stop throughout town.



If you are a fan of Cheers’, the TV series from the 1980’s, you can visit the themed bar in which the TV series is based on.  There is a little souvenir shop down below and you can even purchase a Cheers branded beer glass.  The Chicken wings taste pretty good too.


If you are looking for a cheap place to eat and you don’t have a set mind on what you would like, head to the Whole Foods Market in South End.  They offer a pay by weight system with everything ranging from soup and chowder to fresh fruit and roasts.  The company also buys from local suppliers and have a recycling program in store.


Boston is also home to the infamous Harvard University.  Jump on the red line with the Boston subway and hop off at the Harvard University stop.  You can’t miss it.  As you exit the subway, you will arrive at the information centre and the start of the Harvard tour.  Tickets cost $10 with the tour leaving on the hour. The guides are Harvard students, so you will gain an insight of what it is like to study at Harvard today.  A tip at the end of $5-10 per person is recommended.



If you think Boston has run out of famous places to visit or think again.  It is home to the infamous Fenway park.  This is America’s oldest ball park and can be seen in movies such as ‘Ted’ and ‘The Town’.  For $18 you can do a one hour tour.  It takes you to all the spots of the Baseball Park, from the seats behind the plate up to the media box.  The tour is informative and provides you with enough photo opportunities.


Once you have gotten your fix on the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit the town of Salem, only 30 minutes away.  Salem is famed around the world for the 1692 witch trials and you can see around town that they use this as a tourist drawcard today.  Do your own self-guided tour starting at the Information centre.  Unlike the Freedom trail in Boston, the Witch Hunt trail map won’t cost you anything.  The trail will take an hour or two to complete and will leave you at the Witch museum. The museum has viewings on the hour and every half hour.  They can be sold out for the time you want but head across the road to Salem Common and enjoy the sun.   Catch the train for $10 each way from Northern Station.  You can pre purchase your tickets at the ticket desk or buy them on the train from the conductor.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or visit our Facebook page.


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