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February 16, 2019

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CN Tower: Toronto's highest restaurant done right

September 22, 2015

The CN Tower is a prominent feature of the Toronto Skyline and provides an excellent view from down the bottom or on top of the structure.  It has to be said that it is an expensive attraction to visit, especially with a large group of people going.  The cheapest way to visit the tower is to purchase tickets online and take the lift to the observation deck.  This starts at $32 plus tax.


The observation deck is situated at 346 metres above sea level and hosts the added extras of the revolving restaurant, glass floor and outside observation deck.  This is also the deck in which you can gather your inner adrenalin junkie persona and take what’s known as the ‘Edge Walk’.  For this, you are looking at the hefty price of $195 plus tax.  It does include access to all the other areas of the tower though.


To visit the sky pod (447metres above sea level) it will cost you $12 plus tax more. This provides a 360 degree view of Toronto.  I would recommend heading up to this level.  Seeing as you are a majority of the way there, take the extra lift to the top.  You may regret not going up there, but you won’t regret spending the extra $12.



The food on the observation deck is reasonably priced and allows you to walk straight in with or without a reservation. 


During our visit, we decided to make a reservation at the revolving restaurant.  And what a meal it was.  Applause goes out to the chefs who plated our food.  I couldn’t fault the meals what so ever.  As part of the 2 courses for $65 deal, we decided to split an entrée and dessert.  We were first greeted with some fresh bread and cream butter.  Feeling quite hungry, we made quick work of complimentary bread.  As soon as it was finished our entrée arrived.  I had ordered the ‘Smoked Trout and Potato chowder’.  The dish was rich in taste with some seasonal vegetables added in.  We luckily had one piece of bread to wipe the remainder of the chowder.  From our entrée, it was a little bit of a wait until the mains arrived.  Let me say, it was worth the wait.


The ‘Cider Braised rabbit’ was succulently cooked and was rested on a bed of mushroom Pappardelle and fresh vegetables.  The second main ordered was the ‘slow roasted AAA prime beef’ with Rosemary bread pudding.  The knife cut through the steak with the slightest of ease and was complimented well with a touch of gravy.



Our last course, the dessert course, was the Strawberry Rhubarb crumble.  It was a decent size of rhubarb crumble with a scoop of strawberry sorbet and spoonful of warm custard. There is only one word to describe the ending to the meal. Yum.


In total, the meal, tip, tax and sky pod access cost about $110 per person.  A hot tip is to find out the time of sunset and head up to the top at least 30 minutes before.  If you want to have dinner as well, make the reservation for an hour and a half before the sun sets.  Arrive to the tower 30 minutes before your reservation and you will be able to see Toronto during the day time from the Observation deck.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the IFE Facebook page.


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