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Bose Quietcomfort 25 review: Noise cancelling headphones

August 28, 2015

Welcome to the first review from Itchy Feet Escapades.  Today I will be reviewing Bose’s Quiet Comfort 25.  They are the leading noise cancelling headphones on the market and with good reason.



Bose have made themselves into a high end sound company which produces new products.  My last pair of headphones for travelling was the Sennheisser PXC 250.  It was my first introduction into noise cancelling and for the amount of money I wanted to spend; they did provide a little relief from the low buzz of the airplane.  I was not 100% satisfied though.  Hence, the purchase of the Bose Quietcomfort 25.


The headphones themselves are a sleek, light weight design.  They offer an ‘over the ear’ ear piece which means it provides a seal over your ears.  This helps to keep unwanted noise to a minimum whilst still providing maximum comfort for all day use.   


There is an ‘AAA’ battery which powers the noise cancelling and Active EQ technologies.  This lasts for about 30 hours of play time.  This allows plenty of use for even the world’s longest flight (Dallas to Sydney – 17 1/2hrs).  Even when the batteries run out of power, you can still listen away to your favourite tracks.  The sound is crisp and ranges from the deep base notes to the high treble.


They come in 2 colours a sophisticated black and a pure white.  I would recommend choosing the black headphones as they will not show up dirt as much.  It’s like buying a white couch.  Nice and clean at the beginning but after a week or two, the stains will begin to show.



But why should you pay $400 on a pair of headphones when the airlines give them out for free?


Well let’s start off by looking at the ‘noise cancelling’ part.  Planes are quite noisy and people inside (children) can be even noisier.  The headphones give you a relief from any screaming kids you might be sat near.  As described above, the over the ear design, noise cancellation and active EQ technology all combine to provide a superior product compared to the airline giveaways.  The low humming of the plane’s engines are no longer drowning out the music or TV show you are watching.  You begin to notice the difference as soon as you put them on and you wonder how you coped before. 



Bose have designed an adaptor which caters for the 2 plug devices which airlines have installed on their entertainment system.  This makes it an easy exchange from listening to your Tablet or phone to the on board system.


Next on the list is comfort.  The comfort rating is the highest of all the headphones.  As the headphones are resting over your ears, you will not have your ears pushed back or have the annoyance of something pushed into your ear.  The size is adjustable and the ear pieces have thick foam to provide cushion.


Picture this, you have arrived in your destination and you have booked a room in a hostel.  You wake up at 3 am to the sound the night club next door playing loud music. Option ‘A’: you close your eyes again and hopefully they stop.  This option in turn creates a restless night sleep and you wake up next morning crabby with dark rings around your eyes.  Option ‘B’: you roll over and put on your noise cancelling headphones.  They are sft fitting so you don’t feel too uncomfortable, they stop the thudding beat piercing the walls and you wake up the next morning bright as a daisy.


The only negative I can come up with about the headphones is you will have to work to save money to pay the price tag.  With that said, you will be glad you did.  For those people who are serious about travelling long distances, they are an investment.  Why not pop down to your nearest store and try out a set for yourself.  You can either buy it there and claim the tax when you leave the country or wait until the duty free stores at the airport.


Technical Details

Weight: 195.04 grams

Carrying case:  21 x 14.6 x 5.1cm


Itchy Feet Escapades rates the Bose Quietcomfort25 headphones at 5 out of 5.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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