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6 Annoying things people do in a hostel

August 21, 2015


Staying at a backpackers or a hostel is a great experience.  It puts you out of your comfort zone and forces you to meet other travellers.  Some of these travellers I have met have become friends for life and the bond you create is something you can remember from your escapade.  With the positives from the people you meet, there will be the people who will annoy the shit out of you.  Below is a list of 6 annoying things people do when staying in shared accommodation.


Turning the light on at 3 AM in the morning.  If are people are in bed at that time, it means they want to sleep.  To help see in the dark, use a small torch or even the light from your mobile phone.


Leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen.  Mum isn’t around to clean up after you although some people think she is.  Other people would like to make a delicious meal of 2 minute noodles, but find it hard to do so if they don’t have clean dishes.  This is an easy fix – clean up after yourself.



Talking on the phone in the early hours of the morning outside a bedroom.  You may think you are miles away from the people on the other end of your phone, but there will usually be people within a couple of metres from your conversation.  News flash – Sound can travel through doors.  Head down to a common area if you need to talk to people during the small hours of the night.


People who spread all their clothes around the room.  You are sharing the space with sometimes up to 20 or more people.  If everyone brings 5 t-shirts with them, a total of 100 shirts could be scattered around the room.  Keep all your belonging either in your bag, on your bed or in your locker.  Even though I do like the band Modest Mouse, I don’t want your smelly t-shirt hanging over my bed.



Rustling plastic bags and zips.  I would like you to try something, step away from this blog and find a plastic bag.  Now rub the plastic bag together.  Notice how annoying it is?? Now imagine doing the same thing at 6 AM in the morning.  Extra annoying!  This is the same with zips on a bag.  Although you are trying to be as quiet as you can, it still makes noise.


People having sex in the same room as you.  Your urges may take over, but it is usually between the two of you, not you two and the other strangers.  Everyone will remember the first time they woke up to the sound of moans and groans.  Suss out places in the hostel that may be suitable for a bit of lovin’ – a private room, bathroom etc.


Have you ever done one of the annoying things?  If you have, let us know via our Facebook page or let me know what gets on your nerves.

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