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February 16, 2019

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17 packing tips for your big adventure!

August 11, 2015

1. Let’s start this list off by the biggest concern on any carrier, weight.  Find out what the limits are and stick to them.  This can easily be found by a quick google search.  The charge for overweight items is extortionate, save money by sticking to the guidelines.


2. Choose luggage with a wide wheel base.  This will eliminate any speed wobbles which may occur when you are rushing between terminals.


3. Keep all electrical accessories together in one small bag.  Charges and cords can easily get caught up in loose clothing making it harder to find when you need it.


4. Eliminate liquid body wash.  This takes up space along with weight.  I am not saying don’t take soap, nobody likes a smelly traveller, instead take a bar of soap.  They are cheaper and smaller to carry.


5. Roll instead of fold.  A space saving technique that is as creative as it is fun.  Shorts, t-shirts and long trousers can all be rolled and stays mostly wrinkle free.


6. Buy shampoo/conditioner at your destination.  The weight and size of the shampoo/conditioner can take up a fair bit of your luggage.  Buy these products at your destination.


7. Wear your heavy jeans and shoes whilst you travel.  Unless it is a hot day and you need to keep cool, wear any heavy garments to stay under the luggage allowance.  Thick coats, boots and jeans are usually the heavier items in your luggage.


8. Pack a spare pair of socks and underwear in your carry on.  On average, 1 in 150 bags are lost in the complex luggage system at the airport.  Usually bags are returned, but not after a few days have passed.  Get that nice feeling by putting on a clean pair of socks.


9. Keep an electronic copy of travel documents.  With most of the world connected to the internet, it is quite easy to access these documents in an emergency.


10. Have all liquid cosmetics separated in a clear bag.  This is a tip from my girlfriend.  It will save you time at the airport and allow the security line to move faster.  Some airports will charge you extra for clear bags so have yours packed and already to go.


11. Keep your passport on you at all times.  Trust me when I say it is a bit of trouble and time to renew your passport if you loose it.  A safe place is in your front pocket of your jeans.  Don’t put it in your back pocket and tempt those pick pockets.


12. Read the carry on regulations.  You will be surprised what items you can take on board in addition to your carryon luggage.  These may include a camera bag, hand bag, jacket and laptop bag along with other items.


13. Carry a travel wallet for documents.  Some places require a print out of confirmation in order to allow you to stay, travel or participate.  It is also a good idea to know the directions to places (in case you phone battery looses power).


14. Do a mock pack a couple of days before.  You can determine what you still need to buy before you go on your escapade.


15. Change some currency before you go.  It doesn’t have to be all your travel spending’s, enough to cover you for a day or two should suffice.  Don’t be stuck at the airport wanting to buy a bottle of water with your international bank card.  This could end you paying up to $10 with all the bank fees.


16. Take a spare camera battery.  If you are as snap happy as me, it is a smart investment to purchase another camera battery.   It will help you out at the critical times when the first battery loses power.


17. Don’t pack too much.  You can buy everything you need at the destination.  Allow space for any souvenirs and gifts or an extra t-shirt you purchase on your journey.


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