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Must Eat Food in Australia

August 8, 2015


Meet some friends for brunch

The beloved meal that is not quite breakfast yet it is not quite lunch.  Brunch is as Australian as you can get.  It is where the early risers have been up for 5 hours and the sleepers have just risen.  Whichever category you fit in, it is the perfect time to meet some mates and catch up on all the latest stories and plans.  A classic choice is Avocado on Sour dough toast but you can decide on the full bacon and eggs with deep friend tomato without receiving looks of shame.  Don’t forget to add a latte or Cap (Cappuccino) to wash the delicious food down.


Indulge in the local delicacy in the way of a meat pie

You cannot leave Australia without sinking your teeth into the traditional meat pie.  This dish is complimented best with tomato sauce.  Lift the lid and squirt away.  You will be able to purchase the pie at most servo’s (service stations), corner stores or local bakeries.  The most iconic place to enjoy this pastry heaviness is at a game of footy.  If you make your way to South East Queensland, be sure to stop in at the world famous Yatala Pie shop.  There are on average 25 thousand pies sold each week. 




The Tim Tam Slam

This will change your life forever….seriously.  Make way conventional straw or sipping techniques, the Tim Tam Slam is the only way you should drink a hot beverage – generally hot chocolate or coffee.  The idea behind this unique process is to successfully suck your preferred beverage through the chocolate biscuit known as the Tim Tam.  It is a lot harder than you think.  Hot drinks melt Chocolate.  It is all about the timing.  Let me start you off by letting you in on a little secret.  Bite the diagonally opposite corners, not too much that you eat half the biscuit and not too little to make it seem a mouse has been nibbling at it.  Once you have done this, it is time to place the biscuit in said hot beverage.  Place one of the bitten off corners into the drink and the other into your mouth and suck away!  This is where the timing comes into place.  You will have a maximum of about 3-4 seconds in order to suck as much of the drink as possible before the Tim Tam falls into the mug.  Now it is time to place the beverage induced biscuit into the mouth and to savour the taste.  You’re welcome.


Put another shrimp on the Barbie!


Down under, we call shrimps, prawns.  And yes we do barbecue them, along with snags, steaks, skewer kebabs and kangaroo.  Basically anything you can eat cooked, you can put it on the Barbie.  If you don’t meet an Australian who invites you around to fill your face at a barbecue, you will find council funded free ones at most large parks or botanical gardens.  Some must haves include: cooking utensils, olive oil in which you can buy in spray format, al foil (aluminium foil) and most importantly something to clean the hot plate.  No one likes to head over to the Barbie only to find the hot plate with day old charcoal covering the area.  A little tip is to spray some olive oil on the hotplate first and then put some al foil down on top before putting the meat and onion on top.  Once everything is cooked, the clean-up process is limited.


Head to the pub for some grub

Pub Grub is a quick and cheap meal found at any pub across Australia.  The main meal is what is most commonly known as a Chicken Parmi.  This is basically a chicken schnitzel with a tomato sauce and melted cheese on top.  If you wanted to be fancy, you can add a slice of ham underneath the cheese.  It is usually served with a side of chips or a simple salad for all the health freaks.  Other meals can include veal schnitzel, meat pies, steak and chips and wedges with sour cream and cheese to name a few.  Look for the specials each day, during lunch times and evenings.


Take away fish and chips


British culture has definitely had a massive impact on Australian food, but we have taken a classic and made it our own.  Whether you like your fish grilled, crumbed or battered you are spoilt with choice.  Australia is surrounded by sea and surrounded by many types of fish.  Barramundi is a local favourite along with snapper.  Head to the fish and chip shop, pick up some fish, chips and calamari and drive or walk down to the nearest water.  There is something quite relaxing of eating fish and chips near the water looking out at the world passing by, especially near overlooking the ocean.




Have you had any more Must Eat Food in Australia?  Let us know via Facebook.


Safe Travels!




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