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Pizza, Pompeii and Positano: A guide to the Amalfi coast

June 25, 2015

To experience an Italian Mediterranean Seaside escape, look no further than the Amalfi Coast.  This is an area that covers 50 kms from Sorrento to Salerno.  To travel between these areas, you can catch a train (Naples to Sorrento), catch a bus (Sorrento East) or brave the Italian roads which hug the winding coastline with your own hire car.



Home of the Pizza, Naples is a large city at the top of the Amalfi Coast.  The city itself has some interesting buildings and piazza’s but can be off putting due to the constant garbage strikes which leave piles of rubbish on the sidewalks.  From the harbour front, you can see the mighty Mount Vesuvius and the hustle and bustle of the dockside ferries. 


An hour on the train south and you will find yourself at Pompeii.  The heritage site of Pompeii was captured and preserved from the falling ash which buried the city.  Now days you can wander through the city and imagine what life would have been like all those hundreds of years ago.  Within the city walls, there are numerous amounts of buildings, alleys and gardens.  Allow yourself at least 3 hours to walk around the whole site.  It can be quite hot, so I would suggest taking a few litres of water with you.  There are guides whom you can hire for a private tour or you can join a group.  I decided to hire a headset and decide on stopped at the buildings I wanted to know the history about.  The site costs 13 euros to enter, or if you have a real passion for ancient Roman cities, you can visit four other sites along with Pompeii for 22 euro.  Click here to get more information.  .


Amalfi Coast


This little town is perched atop cliffs at the southern end of the Bay of Naples.  It is the starting point for the winding roads which follow the rugged coast line.  The main street of the town can be found at the top with a steep road leading don to the water’s edge.


There are a few beaches you can relax at.  A couple are private ones in which you will need to pay, but follow the footpath to the end and you will discover the public beach.  This can be crowded and finding enough space to lay down your towel can take a ten minutes.







Isle of Capri

Step into the world of the rich and the famous with a trip to the Isle of Capri.  There are daily ferries from Naples or Sorrento.  If you have your own private catamaran, you can access the island that way too.  Be prepared to pay over the top prices for anything on the island.  If you are there on a day trip, I would suggest taking a large bottle of water unless you would like to pay about 6 euros for a 500mL bottle.  The island is quite small and you can take a 2-3 hour boat trip that circumnavigates the island.  The boat will stop at the infamous Blue Grotto.  From here, your boat will moor for about 30minutes whilst all the guests step onto the 5 person row boats and make your way into the Blue Grotto cavern.  Remember to duck as you pass through the small opening.  These trips are about 13 euros per person but you will need to tip the skipper.  This is up to your discretion.


One of the highlights, and I mean more high than you think, is a trip to the top of Mount Solaro.  The top of the mountain is 589 metres above sea level and you have the option of hiking to the top or catching the chairlift for only 10 euros return.  The scenes from the top of the mountain are mesmerising and can make an ideal location for panoramic photos.



Positano and beyond

After you have spent a couple of days in Sorrento and the Isle of Capri, it is now time to make your way to some other towns along the coast.  The main one I would suggest stopping at is Positano.  The steep hills are lined with houses, small cafes and shops before the narrow laneways and walking paths lead you down to the water’s edge.  It is now time to take a dip in the cool waters of the Mediterranean.  Don’t forget to look back at the mountains and take in the sights.  This is the Italian seaside town you were looking for.   



Other towns which are worth a look are Amalfi, Antrani and Salerno.


Enjoy your travels and don’t forget to contact me if you need any questions answered.

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